LW 2019 – Week 11

This week I: Was vastly disappointed reading the last 30 pages of a novel. Slept terribly all week and have been massively unmotivated as a result. Made some progress, but not as much as I wanted. Really overdid myself this weekend, lol. Yesterday I wrote about following your own pace.  It’s something I try to […]

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Respect Your Own Pace

Here’s a thought about that first manuscript: Respect your own pacing. It’s so easy to compare yourself with others, and to feel like you’re doing too much or too little.  Cheryl finished her essays before me, and Tonya won Extreme Prestigious Prize, and Hank got a publisher, and … and … and … You’re not […]

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LW 2019 – Week 10

Oh, no, I didn’t write a blog post yesterday!  Excuse me, please interrupt your schedules to have the world screech to a halt! This last week was a hard one for me.  Work, the news cycle, the upcoming major life changes that I’m staring down this year… Many days this week, I’ve come home so […]

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As Many As We Need, And Then Some

This is one of those weeks, where I feel slightly less incorporated than usual. That’s a longer, more fraught post I don’t have the energy for. Instead, a microcosm of the week: This morning, in the middle of making breakfast, I was reading a few posts from a new follower. I caught myself thinking,“Is this […]

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Rec Me a Book

This post goes out to anyone who comes across this post, even if you don’t follow me or ordinarily comment. I am always looking for new and better books to read. I’m also laughably immersed in so many genres that I never know what to read next. I’ve got a few that are next in […]

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LW 2019 – Week 9

Don’t I normally post these in the morning? I’ve been busy this week.  In addition to inundating my life with Johnny Cash ( 11/10 original cowboy goth ) and reading the heck out of An Unkindness of Ghosts (IT IS SOOOOO GOOD, I am sure I will post more on that later), I’ve been busy. […]

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Facing Down the Pale Void

Sometimes when you sit down to write, the page is just a pale vacuum before you.  Its infinite expanse seems overpowering. How can you fill this? How can you contend with its overwhelming inertia? Write. Just write. Even if it’s, “I hate this.  Everything is stupid,” over and over again for the next ten minutes, […]

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LW 2019 – Week 8

This week I’ve been working (really slowly) on research.  Not like ‘oh I’ve researched x and y,’ but sitting back and determining what I need to research and how I would be best served by doing that. While I recognize that books are not always the BEST way to research things, they are often the […]

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Building a Raft

When I was ten, my siblings and I received woven throw blankets for Christmas.  As a child, they were enormous. Perhaps a more conventional child may have used their new blanket to provide them with comfort, safety, and warmth.  I was in love at the time with the myth of Davy Crockett (the adventurous parts, […]

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