Building a Raft

When I was ten, my siblings and I received woven throw blankets for Christmas.  As a child, they were enormous. Perhaps a more conventional child may have used their new blanket to provide them with comfort, safety, and warmth.  I was in love at the time with the myth of Davy Crockett (the adventurous parts, […]

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LW 2019 – Week 7

This week I had the flu! 😀 Not only that, but I gave it to my girl, and we BOTH had the flu!  (Sharing is caring, right?) In addition to feeling as though I were ascending to the worst immortality while my lungs mummified themselves with all the ichors the human body is wont to […]

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One Scene, Twice the Work

In reviewing my own drafts, I frequently notice that there’s a lack of tension and stakes.  It winds up reading like: “An enormous problem has been found!” “Well, after coffee, some petty bickering, a few clever puns … I think we might get around to addressing that around noon?” (NOON) “AN ENORMOUS PROBLEM STILL LOOMS!” […]

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LW 2019 – Week 6

What a week. Here in the northeastern edges of Pennsyltucky, or if you look at it the other way the well-western edge of Philadelphia’s urban sprawl, we got the trailing edge of the polar vortex, which was exhausting, but left us with some nice coating of snow.  Not as bad as half the US, but […]

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Editing: What Do You Keep?

Revisions are tricky beasts.  I don’t mean the fiddly bits of editing – grammar, diction, style.  I mean the revisions where you’re gutting your story and twisting everything around until it makes a shape you don’t know the name of and then stitching it back together and hoping you’ve made a piece that pleases you. […]

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LW 2019 – Week 5

The weekend always feels like this yawning expanse of possibility, and the week always feels like there’s no time at all.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say 90% of the writing and related work I get done was done on Saturdays and Sundays. Make the time that you have work for you.  If all […]

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‘Write’ is a Verb

This is a reminder: ‘Write’ is a verb. ‘Create’ is a verb. ‘Imagine’ is a verb. All those times when you feel like you’re just sitting around and you’re not doing anything, remember that these words you use to describe making something are verbs.  In the English language, they’re even action verbs.  That implies doing […]

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LW 2019 – Week 4

My high ambition goals have started catching up with me.  I have to give myself smaller tasks, even though it feels like a walk in the park. This week I: Realized that I really need to address the tension between two characters and either embrace it or axe it, because as it stands it does […]

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Homework: Choose One

For those of you who want to write, here’s this week’s homework: Choose one story. Some of you may find this very easy.  Congratulations! Celebratory beverage, then resume reading the blog post. Some of you are like me, finding yourself with many irons in the fire. The truth is that we can only devote so […]

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